Dealing with an impending foreclosure is rough – there’s no way around it. There’s a significant emotional component to the pressure people are put under when facing a foreclosure situation. Your home is your castle, and suddenly, that’s in jeopardy.

The good news is that there are multiple ways to address the threat of foreclosure and that each of these ways can be approached with different techniques and strategies.

At Arcstone Law, we help homeowners to understand the rights that they have, and the options at their disposal when dealing with a possible foreclosure on their property.


Bankruptcy can be an option for avoiding foreclosure, which will erase some of your assets and possibly damage your credit score quite a bit.

Different types of bankruptcy have different pros and cons. We can assess your situation and help you evaluate the best choices based on your income, assets, debt, and overall financial health.

Loan Modifications

Before taking any more extreme steps, homeowners can always research the possibility of a loan modification.

Even before the coronavirus, loan modifications were common, partially due to subprime lending and the 2008 financial crisis, and as a way, for the government to support lower income homeowners under financial pressure. New loan modification options include the availability of forbearance modifications for those impacted by COVID-19.


People often view grants as something that companies and nonprofit organizations get from the government, but the idea of utilizing personal debt relief grants has been becoming more mainstream over the last few years.

In fact, many opportunities for these personal grants do exist in various corners of the American financial landscape, and knowing where to look can help someone to avoid major negative financial impacts stemming from a foreclosure or other significant event.

Bringing a Lawsuit

There are many situations where the homeowner can bring a lawsuit against the party that is threatening foreclosure. Real estate is a complex market, and real estate law has many facets and applicable details when it comes to negotiating around a foreclosure. Keep in mind that as a legal remedy, a foreclosure is an extreme solution. In many cases, the bank doesn’t really want a distressed property, and the paperwork and effort involved in foreclosure is a significant deterrent. All of this means that homeowners really do often have options when considering how to respond to the threat of foreclosure. 

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