Do you live in San Diego, California, or own a real estate property there? Do you find yourself amid quiet title litigation? Or could there be some financial responsibility wrongly credited to your real estate property? Are you torn between employing real estate lawyers or not? In these cases, you most likely need a strong legal representation to effectively help silence or settle the wrongful claim or objection to a property’s title.

Luckily, we have a team of expert Quiet Title Litigation Lawyers who can help you through every legal process step.

Disputes over Titles to Real Estate Property are common and usually settled in what is termed ”A Quiet Title Lawsuit.” With our exceptional and qualified lawyers, who can successfully argue set-offs, invalidate fraudulent liens on your property, and also manage the accounting of proceeds from your rental/ commercial real estate, you are definitely in safe hands. Our attorneys can also compel a sale or even buyout of the other party’s interest in cases where you happen to be on the title or can claim a right to the title.

To provide more insight, an ”action to quiet title” is a legal action or lawsuit that attempts to determine the rightful owner of a particular property, which could be land or any private or commercial building. The outcome of such a case often helps protect the beneficiary from endeavors by outside entities to acquire the property in question. When Quiet Title Litigation in San Diego arises, it is frequently due to claims of

  • Adverse possession
  • Title owners’ death,
  • Mortgage lender disagreements
  • Circumstances where the property in question is unoccupied for an extended period.

If you’re in any of these situations, contact Arcstone law in San Diego to win a quiet title action. Once the court establishes the valid owner of a title, every other claim to it is ”quieted.” The lawsuit further puts other claims to rest in a situation where there have been numerous ambiguous transfers of the estate in question.

Removal of a Cloud In Title

Sometimes, disputes occur as to contentions of complete or partial ownership of a property, establishing a ”cloud” over its title. In more precise terms, a title to real property is deemed to be clouded if there is the existence of any unreleased lien, document, claim, or constraint that can annul or undermine the title or render it doubtful. A cloud on a title could be settled by releasing an individual’s interest in real property without declaring the nature of the individual’s interest.

This settlement process can be done by inducing a quitclaim deed. If you are a landowner entangled in this situation, you may want to file this suit to protect your property against possible future claims. Doing this helps you clear up all lingering issues via the previously mentioned quitclaim deed.

An individual who acquires real property using a quitclaim deed must promptly employ a quiet title litigation attorney. Doing this helps him retain sole ownership of the property— a quitclaim deed does not guarantee this.

How To Win Your Case By Employing A Quiet Title Litigation Attorney

You might have just purchased a property, so what do you do to protect your title? As a claimant to the title, you should request a decree from any local court which possesses jurisdiction over your real property. To achieve this, you must prove your legitimate claim over the property to the court. The court must also ascertain that your purchase was made in good faith and that you are oblivious of any other existing claims.

In some instances where the title’s quieting is the primary concern, it may be required that the case is addressed by provisions correlated with the lawsuit as stipulated in the Code Civil Proclamation. After submitting the suit to the county’s superior court where the property is located, the court may then judge and resolve the title action.

To help with legal cases like this and more, we have trained Quiet Title Litigation lawyers. Contact us today!