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The attorneys at Arcstone Law are experienced business litigation attorneys who serve our client’s needs throughout Southern California. Whether your case or legal dispute is in Orange County, Ventura, the Inland Empire or Los Angeles County, our Attorneys are ready to help you today.

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Arcstone Law knows Business Law and understand related areas to Business Law that often become important such as Real Estate Law, Eviction Law and Bankruptcy. We are well equipped to walk you through the contract review, investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal steps of your case. Our Business Law attorneys will offer you realistic counsel throughout the process.  If you’re ready to form an LLC, Partnership or Corporation right now, give us a call today at (855) 219-3333 to meet with a licensed attorney. 

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The Attorneys at Arcstone Law can thoroughly review a contract to:

  • Listen to your goals and make sure they are implemented.
  • Assess any claims you might have if you think there has been a breach of contract term
  • Analyze if there are any possible legal concerns that may be important to review.
  • Defend your case before a judge or negotiate with the other side.

To learn more about how the state of California acknowledges the validity of such written agreement and how our real estate attorneys from our law office can assist you, contact our team now.

    Arcstone Law is here to help you with your Business Legal Issues. No matter what kind of business you run, at some point or another you are going to need a team of business attorneys to aid you with all of the various legal issues that come up. Call our firm today for help with:

    Some of the areas we cover:

    • Business Disputes
    • Business Formations
    • Breach of Business Contracts
    • Full Business Litigation
    • Partnership & Shareholder Legal Disputes
    • Fraud & Misrepresentation
    • Trademark Infringement
    • Unfair Competition
    • Defamation, Libel & Slander
    • Writs of Possession
    • Preliminary Injunctions
    • Construction Claims & Construction Defects
    • Personal & Real Property Recovery Actions
    • Business Planning
    • Buy / Sell Agreements
    • Corporate Director Defense
    • Contract Review & Disputes

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    Arcstone Law was established as a Foreclosure Defense Law Firm helping homeowners sue the banks after the mortgage meltdown of 2008. During that time the efforts of our lawyers were recognized and published by the State of California as precedence for other attorneys to rely on. Today our team of lawyers have grown, and our practice areas now include contract law, purchase/sales, quiet title litigation, partition actions, bankruptcy, eviction law, probate, divorce law (where Real Property is at issue) estate planning, business law and personal injury. 

    We focus everyday on providing high quality legal representation for our community and we dedicate ourselves to our clients and their cases. Whether you need legal assistance in Eviction Court, Probate Court, Federal Court, Bankruptcy Court or Appellate Court, there is no challenge that our experienced legal team is not ready to assist with. We have won thousands of cases and obtained millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for our clients. Call us today to schedule your consultation with a licensed attorney. 

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