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We offer you personal attention and lead you to a final resolution so you can get your life back on track. Arcstone Law partners with Law Offices of Marcus Gomez for all Family Law cases to utilize his 30+ years of experience in Family Law. Combined with our litigation background and modern aggressive representation, we get our clients the results they need.

For Divorce actions that involve Real Property, you need a Real Estate Attorney that has experience in Divorce court arguing both community property rights and non-community property distribution issues. How Real Property is divided up can become very complicated in a Divorce Proceeding and usually requires multiple experts such as: forensic accountants, appraisers, a family law attorney, and an experience real estate attorney to deal with title, reimbursements and mortgage issues. 

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Ask Your Family Law Lawyer: Settle Your Divorce Or Opt For Mediation?

A less stressful option to a long drawn out divorce case is an early settlement and/or a divorce mediation. If you and your spouse know what you will agree on, then we can help draft your marital settlement agreement and have filed with the court to avoid a costly divorce proceeding.

If you do NOT have an agreement we can recommend a mediation with a neutral third party attorney/retired judge who can help mediate who should be entitled to what. These mediators let both parties know how a judge will most likely rule. Since Mediation can take one day in most cases, Mediation is a way to save thousands of dollars in fees and costs and save lots of your personal time. Moreover, both sides have the opportunity to discuss all possible legal issues in a positive healthy environment.

Divorce & Legal Separation

Divorce, same-sex couples, alimony, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, post-decree disputes.

Child Custody & Support

Contested custody, paternity, relocation, interstate and international disputes, child support, modifications of orders, wills, and trusts

Dividing Community Property

Business valuations, Real Estate Planning, Real Estate appraisals, Trusts, Wills, forensic accounting, retirement accounts, deferred compensation, separate property.

California Child Custody Laws

We understand how sensitive it is to fight for the sole custody of your child. It is in our best interest to ensure that your children are taken care of despite a messy divorce proceeding. Prior to filing for child custody, we will help you come to a much more reasonable settlement.We will exhaust all possible option to avoid the headaches of going before a court.

There are certain instances, however, that custody cases have to litigated. As a parent, your role, in this case, is to ponder on the fact whether the issues you are dealing with truly merit litigation.If this is the case, then we can help you go through the step. There are certain aspects of the child custody jurisdiction in the State of California that we can find helpful in devising a defense to help you win the case.

Case Evaluation By a Top Family Law Attorney

A reliable family and real estate lawyer will have to first sit down with the clients to evaluate the case. Our team takes this step seriously. We offer a free case review to understand how complex your case is and what immediate solutions can be suggested to avoid further complications. Be ready to answer questions regarding the history of the relationship of the parents, inquiries on possible evidence of abuse, or any concern linked to the mental and physical health and safety of the individual.

If the real estate properties are the main concern, get ready to discuss the matter with the lawyers we have. This is particularly important if the property in question is included in a will or trust. The evaluation of document’s authenticity, the will itself, and other areas that will highlight the relationship between the parents and the heir or recipient.

The FREE case review is given to make you understand what to expect during the handling of the case. Moreover, it serves as an opportunity to ask questions about the case and other legal problems that may arise. When the subject is fundamentally on family matters, you can use this free case review in helping you become more comfortable in discussing such sensitive matters. Although this is free of charge, you can be sure that this is one feature that can put you in the win-win situation.

A Look at the Basic Duties of a Family Lawyer

Family crisis can strike at any time. When this happens, it is important to know who can help you resolve complex and delicate matters within the family. For instance, someone with great understanding of the family law and other related legislation could immensely help you address the matter. This is why having a family attorney is always a good idea.

A family lawyer is a professional who looks after the different legal issues that are associated with any member of a specific family. These concerns may arise from subjects such as child custody, divorce, guardianship, and other related issues. The experienced family lawyers can also aid in any mediation to ensure that the family’s best interest in protected all the time.

There are other issues that can be handled by this legal professional. Cases which may be linked to legitimacy, child abuse or child rights, parental responsibility alimony, annulment, domestic abuse, spousal abuse, legitimacy, adoption, and issues linked to property settlement.

There may also be certain issues that must be handled with urgency and utmost care. Finding a lawyer to help you in these times can help you save time and money, especially when important decisions involving children, custody, and property division are involved. If you happen to be experiencing any of these, it is time to check whether your lawyer is competent and ready enough to handle them.

One of the most crucial functions of an attorney is to sort matters and handle wills, trusts, and estates There are also family lawyers who can function as real estate lawyers when estate planning is requested by a client. Another advantage of hiring this type of professional is that they can help you avoid those costly fights in the court. Legal representation in court is also one of the biggest roles of a lawyer. In addition, they can assist families in pleading preparation, filings of cases, and attend the subsequent trials in court.

We Care for Your Future and the Future of Your Family As Well

There’s just a lot at stake when it comes to matters related to families. Whatever outcome you are about to face will essentially dictate your and your family’s future. It is the commitment of our team of best family lawyers to ensure that you have a future to look forward to, not just for yourself but for your entire family as well. We provide the most practical and fair resolution whether your concern is about the custody of your children, support, or division of properties within a high-net-worth separation or divorce. If you are entangled in messy domestic violence issues, you can trust our team of  the best family law attorneys to help you get out of the mess and put your life back together.

Divorce & Legal Separation

Divorce, same-sex couples, alimony, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, post-decree disputes.

Child Custody & Support

Contested custody, paternity, relocation, interstate and international disputes, child support, modifications of orders.

Dividing Community Property

Business valuations, Real Estate appraisals, forensic accounting, retirement accounts, deferred compensation, separate property.

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Arcstone Law was established as a Foreclosure Defense Law Firm helping homeowners sue the banks after the mortgage meltdown of 2008. During that time the efforts of our lawyers were recognized and published by the State of California as precedence for other attorneys to rely on. Today our team of lawyers have grown, and our practice areas now include contract law, purchase/sales, quiet title litigation, partition actions, bankruptcy, eviction law, probate, divorce law (where Real Property is at issue) estate planning, business law and personal injury. 

We focus everyday on providing high quality legal representation for our community and we dedicate ourselves to our clients and their cases. Whether you need legal assistance in Eviction Court, Probate Court, Federal Court, Bankruptcy Court or Appellate Court, there is no challenge that our experienced legal team is not ready to assist with. We have won thousands of cases and obtained millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for our clients. Call us today to schedule your consultation with a licensed attorney. 

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