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The probate process may result in disagreements among family members, beneficiaries, and the personal representative of the deceased’s estate. Probate litigation might be required in numerous instances where disagreements arise and is meant to legally resolve any conflicts that could make probate difficult. Because of conflicts that can ensue, the process can become highly complicated. Some reasons probate litigation may be necessary to manage the situation are:

1. Removal of the Personal Representative of an Estate

The Court will normally appoint a close family member of the decedent or a person selected by the decedent in a Will or Trust to the role of personal representative of the Estate. But what happens if that person appointed fails to perform or actually violates the fiduciary duty to the Estate? Can that person be removed and who has the right to do so?

Any interested person has the right to file a petition in the Probate Court seeking the removal of the fiduciary, be it Executor or Administrator, for cause. The Court, on its own motion, may also seek to remove the fiduciary. The Court has wide discretion as to whether removal is called for, though the causes for such removal are listed in Cal. Probate Code §8502.

Self-dealing, embezzlement, conversion, nepotism and reckless disregard for protection of the assets can be grounds for removal. Typical examples of what can motivate a court are loans to the fiduciary; use of funds by the fiduciary for his or her own business; investments in high risk ventures, etc. Failure to purchase adequate liability insurance or property insurance or neglect of property are other typical causes for the petition. If one of these situations applies to you, feel free to consult with a probate attorney at ArcStone Law.

2. Disagreements about Asset Division/Inheritance Disputes

When the process of transferring assets according to a will or trust first begins, it is common for disputes to arise. Unfortunately, inheritance disputes are not just a problem for the rich and famous, or for blended families. Even when there’s little or no wealth at stake, or no second marriages with children, survivors still disagree about issues such as the disposition of sentimental personal property.

First and foremost, it is important to do everything possible in order to avoid inheritance disputes altogether. Sometimes, however, doing so is not always possible as each inheritance dispute contains its own unique set of obstacles. If you are in the middle of a troubling probate situation, it would likely be wise to talk to a probate attorney at ArcStone Law if you have not already done so.

The attorneys at Arcstone Law can help those involved in probate litigation through this sometimes confusing and lengthy process, ensuring that your best interests are fully and fairly represented.

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